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Don Johnson

Hello, my name is Don Johnson and i am a professional punter who has been following the horses for many years. 

I've refined my betting to the point where i am now comfortably set up in life and can easily take care of my wife, children, and their children financially. 

As i near my retirement i have decided that now is the time for me to give back to my fellow punters who i have shared the punt with on so many truly wonderful days. 

I have all the money that i could ever need so i have decided to share my years of experience and winning horse racing tips with you. 

How do i select the tips? My betting strategy is very simple.

Utilising my years of experience i am able to pinpoint selections which represent real value.

Each day i look to land a couple of winners at decent odds along with a long odds outsider every few days. 

This strategy has served me very well over the years and now it can serve you very well as well.

Proof: Here are my recent results:

32.28 BSP Points of Profit for the month after commission:

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Selecting Winners: My daily routine

Every day i am up at the crack of dawn studying the odds, form, jockey and trainer combinations.

A couple of hours of research in the morning has me well and truly informed by the time the horses jump.

Making money from horse racing is not some pie in the sky dream. 

I and many others are doing it right now, and we are earning tax-free money each and every day.

It is possible to make an income or supplement your existing one by following my tips.  

If you take my advice your strike rate and number of winners will increase, I can promise you. 

I am so confident in my abilities that i provide a full 60 day money back refund with no questions asked. 

Winning Horse Racing Tips

What can you expect from my service?

You can expect to receive up to 4 tips a day, 6 days a week - Monday to Saturday. 

I only give out information which i feel offers true value, and i don't tip for the sake of sending tips out.  

Consistency in winning results is what we are after, and consistency is what grows my and your bank.

And if you have any questions at any time you can expect full customer support from me - just send me a message.

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And here is more proof of my tipping abilities

This is my William Hill account at the end of a month, with no deposits made.  

I withdraw my winnings on a monthly basis and leave £1000 in the acount for the next months wagering.  

Of course to get best price, i use many betting accounts.

This is my Betfair account at the end of a month with no deposits made.  

I also withdraw my winnings from it on a monthly basis.  

And these are just two of my accounts. To get the best prices from the bookmakers I use several.

And how much will it cost to receive all of my tips?  

As I want to make this service available to everyone i have kept the prices very low.  

I have already made enough myself so i would just like to cover my administrative costs.  

If you join today you will always retain the same low price for as long as you stay a member.  

I and many others believe my tips are excellent value and they are priced as follows:  

£20 a month £100 a year (that’s less than £2.00 a week!)

Horse Racing Tips

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